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We provide easy-to-use speech solutions to a wide range of individuals, organisations and businesses. Our software enables people to drive their PC by voice in order to save time on reporting, improve turnaround times and productivity.


TalkingPoint offers a range of speech recognition hardware including microphones, headsets  and foot pedals. Each product has been specially selected by TalkingPoint for their quality, performance and ergonomics.


Training is essential for the successful implementation of speech products. We offer a range of training solutions including: one-to-one training, over-the-web training packages and train the trainer courses.


TalkingPoint provides specialist consultancy to assist in employing speech technologies to maximise benefit. We can recommend the best mix of speech technologies and develop bespoke scripted integrations.

TalkingPoint Legal saves me an hour a day in typing time. I am able to accurately dictate contracts, documents and emails twice as fast than typing which means I am able to respond quickly to urgent correspondence, enabling me to exceed clients' expectations.
Peter Radelat, PR Employment Law

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