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  • Healthcare Case Studies

    healthcarecase-studiesHeathcare Case Studies

    TalkingPoint provides speech to text solutions to hospitals and GP practices across the UK. TalkingPoint is a leading provider of reporting solutions in the Pathology and Radiology healthcare markets. Our digital dictation and speech recognition solutions are popular with GP practices as we offer a bespoke solution to fit around the needs of each practice. Integration with existing patient record systems is one of our core capabilities and the reason why practices are increasingly requesting TalkingPoint systems.

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  • Public Sector Case Studies

    publicsector-casestudiesPublic Sector Case Studies

    TalkingPoint is currently used by over 50% London Borough Councils and MetTalk, a specialist workflow for the Metropolitan Police, has now been implemented for over 100 users. TalkingPoint is also used by a number of Education establishments including the Open University.

    Public sector users include those who require TalkingPoint as an assistive technology and organisations that have chosen to utilise speech technologies to improve efficiences and reduce turnaround times.

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  • Business Case Studies

    business-casestudiesBusiness Case Studies

    TalkingPoint offers a complete speech recognition and digital dictation solution for  business. Speech technologies can improve efficiency and provide flexibility in working methods, enabling users to turn documents around in the time is takes to speak. Why type when you can dictate over 140 words a minute? Use TalkingPoint to create, manage and edit your emails and documents by voice.

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