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The Late Sir Terry Pratchett talks TalkingPoint

The following case study was created by the late Sir Terry Pratchett (Died: 12 March 2015). Malcolm, Clive, Jim and other members of the TalkingPoint Team had the great pleasure of conversing with Terry throughout the last few years, during which he enriched our lives.   


"I have been using TalkingPoint for several years now, and I can say that it has changed my life....

In a nutshell, TalkingPoint puts a more usable front-end on Dragon's rather good speech engine, and allows all kinds of customisation. Without a shadow of a doubt, I must be one of the toughest customers to accommodate; as an author I use a huge working vocabulary and let us say an idiosyncratic writing style...."

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Don't lose your voice in the workplace

Over recent years much has been made of musculoskeletal disorders or MSDs and the impact they have on the workplace. The latest figures from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) cite 439,000 work related cases of MSD in the UK alone. Yet is there enough positive practice being implemented to ensure suffers can remain in work and better yet achieve their full potential?

Philippa Bevan, an MD of her own company, knows only too well the realities of suffering from MSDs and the impact it has had on her health and career. Yet despite the challenges she faces on a daily basis, she is adamant that she will not lose her voice in the work place and argues that with the right assistive technologies in place, the impact to thousands of office based workers like her could be dramatically reduced.

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