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06.07.16 TalkingPoint enables inter-site secretarial support


Castle Partnership montageThe Castle Partnership is comprised of three geographically separate surgeries that each caters for approximately 5500 patients. Kirsty Paradot, Surgery Manager, explains: “We have five GPs regularly at each site and they are supported by three secretaries. One secretary is based at each of the three sites with some occasional cross over between sites.”

Initially, the TalkingPoint team worked with The Castle Partnership to ensure that the TalkingPoint digital dictation solution worked seamlessly and quickly across all three sites. Kirsty continues: “Moving to TalkingPoint means that our three secretaries now work together; using the TalkingPoint secretarial desktop. Whereas before, we had a secretary on site that just processed the work generated by that site, now the secretaries are working together, processing up to 100 letters a week for all three sites in date and priority order even though they are not physically in the same office. I.e. they are picking up the most urgent correspondence no matter which GP or which site has requested the letter – which is a much safer solution for our patients.”

The Castle Partnership is also benefitting from the removal of the paper trail between GP and secretary as the GPs now check their referral letters on screen within patients’ notes.

TalkingPoint’s new secretarial desktop allows the secretarial team to view and manage correspondence generated by either digital dictation or speech recognition. Kirsty explained “We think there are real cost savings for us to realise by using speech recognition and we now have 11 GPs using TalkingPoint's speech recognition.”

The Castle Partnership estimated that they were losing approximately 5 hours of secretarial and management time and 5 hours of GP time per week rectifying problems related to the old analogue dictation system. Kirsty commented: “By implementing TalkingPoint’s speech solutions we know that referral letters are being done and patients are getting what they need as quickly as possible.”

The new shared workload approach is maximising efficiency. Kirsty added: “We used to have five secretaries in the team which has reduced to three as staff members have left for new opportunities. Since implementing TalkingPoint, our remaining three secretaries are managing the workload so this is a good indicator of just how efficient the TalkingPoint workflow is.

The time savings as well as cost savings are essential; the pressures on our system now to find the time to see everybody are increasing, so anything that reduces the amount of time we spend on administrative tasks is essential. If GPs are spending less time on referrals, they have more time to cover all other aspects of patient care."

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