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30.09.16 TalkingPoint – Driving efficiency and integration in healthcare

TalkingPoint’s unique scripting language is being used to integrate inbound radiological test order communications with the hospital CRIS system at Derriford Hospital, Plymouth.

Tim LWhen Derriford Hospital upgraded radiology test requests from a paper based system to electronic ordering, a rate limiting step was identified. Tim Llewellin, Imaging Systems Manager, explains: “A requester will select the required test from an electronic system and this then sends that information directly into our CRIS system. However, although our CRIS system accepts the electronic order, these have to be converted into a request; this is something that our current CRIS system cannot do automatically.”

In the CRIS system, a work list is created. To convert each request into an order, a member of staff would have to select each item to change it from an order to a request, manage any errors and move to the next item in the list. This would require someone managing up to 300 requests per day manually.

Tim continued “We had two choices – we either needed to have staff manually review every order and change it to a request or we could look to automate the process.

TalkingPoint’s speech recognition solutions for radiology and histopathology reporting have both been implemented at Derriford Hospital with bespoke workflows to automatically integrate and drive multiple systems, so we were well aware of TalkingPoint’s ability to automate processes in third-party packages.”

Continues Tim: “We needed a solution within a matter weeks. From our initial consultation with Malcolm Grant, Managing Director, TalkingPoint, we were able to provide him with an outline specification of our requirements. A site visit enabled us to work together to demonstrate how the system was working and to complete an initial scripting which was refined quickly so that within just two weeks we had a solution that was viable. TalkingPoint has provided an efficient and rapid solution.”

Malcolm Grant added: “In addition to automatically converting orders to requests in the CRIS system, the scripting includes a number of error correction actions to minimise the number of processing errors. For those errors that cannot be corrected automatically a log is generated, listing the issues that the scripting has encountered for review by a member of staff.”

TalkingPoint’s scripting has proven to be an ideal solution for automating repetitive system processes, saving time, cost and manual intervention.

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