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TalkingPoint for Clinics: Providing a better service for GPs and patients

Mr Burgess, a Consultant Urological Surgeon from Norfolk and Norwich University Hospitals NHS Trust, has been using TalkingPoint for Clinics since 2015 to generate correspondence and to record patient notes.

Moving from digital dictation, Daphne Beckett, Mr Burgess’ Medical Secretary commented: “I was not initially keen on moving to voice recognition, but a year on now, I think it brings great advantages to the service we provide. For example, I can simply go to my TalkingPoint secretarial desktop inbox and see all the clinic letters that need to be produced. If a patient or GP calls me, I know that I can look up the patient letter straightaway - even if it has yet to be processed – and provide them with an instant status update. With the previous digital dictation system, the recordings might still be waiting to be typed, so this would mean that I would need to listen to the recordings to be able to find the required information, thus increasing the time it would take to respond and causing delays to the rest of my workload. TalkingPoint for Clinics enables me to find the information I need immediately.”

In the past, the backlog of clinic correspondence has been up to a month behind the actual clinic session. Now, with TalkingPoint for Clinics, letter turnaround time can be dramatically reduced as TalkingPoint enters the dictated finished text into a template letter ready for the secretarial team to process. Daphne continues “In a normal week, without annual leave or bank holidays, I now mostly issue letters on the same day that they are dictated. Even when I take annual leave, TalkingPoint means that I can catch up quickly – and respond to enquiries instantly over the telephone.

On the rare occasions that I receive a digital dictation file, I will say “Please use TalkingPoint!” Although I was a little reticent to adopt voice recognition, the only skill I no longer use is audio typing, but as a busy PA there are many other things that I need to focus my attention on and TalkingPoint enables me to do this.”

In addition to producing clinic letters, TalkingPoint for Clinics is used to generate clinic notes and to respond to all written and email correspondence.

For further information on TalkingPoint for Clinics, telephone: 01908 565663.

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