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Microscopy reports are ready within hours at Severn Pathology

Since November 2018, Severn Pathology has been using TalkingPoint’s histopathology speech recognition workflow to drive the production of reports. Read on to learn how the typing backlog has been reduced from days to hours.


The Cellular Pathology Department for Severn Pathology is based at Southmead Hospital, and provides comprehensive histopathology services to North Bristol NHS Trust and University Hospitals Bristol NHS Trust, as well as GPs and other healthcare providers in the North Bristol Region. The department produces approximately 70,000 histopathology reports a year.

Mark Orrell, the Operations Manager for Cellular Pathology discusses the drivers for adopting TalkingPoint: “We decided to implement TalkingPoint to speed up the production of microscopy reporting. Due to a staffing crisis, we had around a three-day typing backlog; with the aid of TalkingPoint we have now reduced this down to a few hours. Even when staff levels fluctuate due to sickness or annual leave, TalkingPoint has made the workload manageable.

The workflow enables Consultant Histopathologists to dictate and authorise their own reports, removing the need for secretarial typing time.”

Regarding the benefits of using speech recognition, Mark commented: “The main benefit is keeping our typing backlog under control. TalkingPoint is helping us to get the right balance between our secretarial workload and making the best use of speech recognition. Not all our consultants are using speech recognition yet. We have 8 consultants who use TalkingPoint exclusively, so their microscopy reports do not go to the secretarial pool. The secretaries are now able to manage our digital dictation workload and other tasks such as minute-taking and acting as PAs for the department. In the past, we have had to take them off these duties, just to focus on getting the reports out. It is beneficial for the whole department to free up the secretarial team to assist with these other tasks moving forward.

TalkingPoint is a very good solution. In addition to reducing report turnaround time, it also delivers more flexibility for the Pathologist team regarding when they work as the reports are authorised and immediately available. If a Pathologist wants to report out of hours, the report is not sitting in a pile waiting to be typed the next day – which is ultimately better for patient care.”

TalkingPoint automatically “drives” microscopy report creation, removing clicks and keyboard strokes so that the clinician can just focus on dictating their report as they examine slides. TalkingPoint can be integrated with any existing LIMS system. At Severn Pathology, the current LIMS is Clinisys WinPath Enterprise.

The Department has been expanding its use of TalkingPoint, and recently starting using it for cut-up as well as microscopy reporting.

TalkingPoint for Pathology is a complete speech recognition driven workflow solution designed to optimise pathology reporting. Its wide range of options satisfies the diverse requirements of reporting in cut-up, microscopy and autopsy within a single integrated system. To find out more, please visit

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