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Talking Point Business

business-300GHG Software Developments Limited is a leading supplier of speech recognition software. TalkingPoint, our unique range of integrated "Speech Processing" solutions, provides significant workflow improvements for users of all needs and abilities to enable users to literally drive their PC by voice – no keyboard or mouse clicks are required.

TalkingPoint is a practical solution for any business or individual that is heavily reliant on form filling, report production, written or email correspondence and who is looking to improve efficiencies and reduce the production time required for written work.

TalkingPoint is used by a wide variety of businesses including legal practices, marketing copywriters, market research agencies and authors.

In the workplace, repetitive strain injury from typing is a significant problem for employers. TalkingPoint is a trusted and reliable assistive technology that is easily maintained. TalkingPoint’s Advanced Scripting enables the timely and relatively simple creation of workflows to suit the needs of individual users to enable staff to remain in post, productive and working as efficiently as possible.

TalkingPoint can be integrated seamlessly with existing office systems to maximise efficiencies.

Why use TalkingPoint as your voice recognition solution?

  • TalkingPoint Commander enables simple, hands free use of your PC.
  • Talking is easy to use – relatively few commands drives the whole desktop
  • Particularly suitable for report production, creative writing and written correspondence.
  • Dictate your emails and letters at 160 words per minute
  • Eliminates typing delays and costs
  • Reduces secretarial typing burden
  • Reduces turnaround time on urgent correspondence and reporting

What our customers say about TalkingPoint in the workplace:

“TalkingPoint saves me about an hour a day in typing time which allows me to focus on the important issues of meeting with clients and running the firm. I am able to accurately dictate contracts, briefs, documents and emails twice as fast than typing which means that I am able to respond quickly to urgent correspondence, enabling me to exceed clients’ expectations.”

Peter Radlet, PR Employment Law

“When it became clear to me that my illness had reduced my touch typing skill to a tediously slow point-and-click, I threw in the towel and bought a speech-to-text program that I had tried in the distant past and hadn't thought very much of. I found it had much improved, but still wasn't all I thought it could be, and I said as much online. The team behind TalkingPoint read this and were brave enough to ring me. In a couple of weeks, I was running TalkingPoint, and, frankly, it's great. I am so confident in the software now that if my typing skill mysteriously came back to me I suspect that I would opt to continue saying my work. It feels more natural!”

Sir Terry Pratchett, Author

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